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Lekker Boats Damsko 750 | Best Boat for Tampa Bay

Best Bay and Channel Boat for Tampa Bay

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Lekker Damsko 750

With the legendary Damsko 750 you're sure to make heads turn. This iconic European eye-catcher has the spirit of a fighter and even a cabin for two. So there's no need to go home after the sun sets.


Experience ultimate freedom with 25+ of your friends while cruising at 40+ knots.  

25 ft

25 people
Max Capacity

40+ knots
Top speed

189 nm

Custom Helm

Cushion with Cupholders

Iconic 3 x

Maintenance Free Cushions

Cabin + Toilet

More than Meets the Eye with LEKKER Boats

The Damasko 750 or 1000 is classy but convenient. The synthetic teak interior is fitted with comfortable cushions that can withstand (sea)water or rain.

And champagne and beer, of course.

Adaptable Aluminium with Advanced Hydrodynamics

Design Your LEKKER Boat any way you like with durable aluminum bodies with minimal maintenance and reliable trips so you can focus on the important stuff.

By combining lightweight aluminum with the newest inboard engines and a sophisticated underwater hull (designed by Oossaen), we've been able to increase speed and minimize fuel consumption at the same time.

Pre-Owned Lekker Damsko 750

A boat should always feel like new. Even when it's not. The pre-owned LEKKER boats we offer might have seen some of the world, but definitely don't look like it. We make sure all boats are in good condition and checked properly before leaving our shipyard.

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#67 Damsko 750 - Cabin + hatch.webp

2020 Lekker Damska 750 / Hull #67


Lekker Damsko 750 Center Console Boat Hull #142

2020 Lekker Damska 750 / Hull #142


#40 Damsko 750 - open.webp

2019 Lekker Damska 750 / Hull #40


Lekker Boats Damsko 750

2022 Lekker Damska 750 / Hull #159


Order a custom Lekker Damsko 750 like this one crossing Tampa Bay

Customize Your Damsko 750

Seeking a new LEKKER boat that matches your style?

Look no further, design your very own Lekker today!

Lekker boats New 750 Custom Configurator.png

OR CALL NOW  727-228-2627

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