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Aluminum Fishing Boat


Aluminum fishing boats are a favorite among anglers due to their durability and versatility. They can handle challenging water conditions, such as rock and stump-filled waters, shallow waters, or remote landings. These boats come in three basic styles - Jon boats, Mod-V, and Deep-V, with each style having its unique features that cater to specific angling needs.

Jon boats are ideal for use in rivers and smaller lakes because of their flat bottom and blunt bow, which enable them to operate in shallow water and get on plane quickly. Mod-V style boats have a sharper hull shape at the bow, making them better suited for cutting through choppy water. The hull bottom may not be entirely flat, but they have low sides like a Jon boat. Deep-V aluminum fishing boats have a traditional profile with a vee-shaped bottom, a bow that comes to a point, and higher sides, making them ideal for choppy water conditions.

Aluminum fishing boats come in all sizes, and smaller models can be transported in a pick-up truck bed or on the roof rack of an automobile, while larger models are designed for big water and equipped with an extensive list of angling features.

If you're an angler looking for a durable and versatile fishing boat, an aluminum fishing boat is your best option.

Check out our guide to all-purpose fishing boats, which come in a wide range of sizes and materials to fit any budget. With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect boat for your needs. Contact us at or 727-228-2627 to learn more.


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