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Denison Yachting | Michael Johnson Licensed Yacht Broker Tampa Bay

Offer Form Received

We have received your offer and client information form. 


What to Expect Next...

Approval of Offer and Purchase Agreement

Expect an email shortly containing the offer and purchase agreement for your review.  This comprehensive document encompasses crucial details such as the initial purchase price, deadlines for acceptance and inspection, as well as terms for survey and sea trial contingencies, and completion dates.

TO APPROVE AND SUBMIT YOUR OFFER, simply follow the instructions provided in the email to effortlessly complete the eSign process and submit your offer. Once you've signed electronically, we will promptly present your off to the selling party.

10% Escrow Deposit

Upon acceptance of your offer, a good faith deposit equivalent to 10% of the purchase price must be submitted within three (3) business days. Failure to meet this deadline will result in forfeiture of your offer.

For yacht purchases exceeding 2 million, selling parties typically require a 10% escrow deposit before entertaining an offer.

Rest assured, you will receive wiring instructions via email from the Denison Yachting closing department team once your offer has been accepted.

Scheduling Survey and Sea Trial for Acceptance

After your offer is accepted, your purchase agreement will indicate an "Acceptance Date". Before or on this date, it is essential to provide the seller with either an acceptance or rejection of the vessel following the survey and report process.

The survey entails a comprehensive inspection of the vessel, typically conducted by a certified surveyor. It involves a sea trial, haul-out to assess the condition of the hull and propulsion systems, as well as a mechanical survey.

Rest assured, you will receive an email containing survey details, including a list of licensed surveyors near the location of the vessel. It is the buyer's responsibility to choose a suitable surveyor who meets their specific inspection requirements.

You can begin searching for surveyors at Marine Surveyors:

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors

SAMS® shall have three primary classes of membership: Accredited Marine Surveyors, Surveyor Associates, and Affiliate Members.


Please contact Michael Johnson directly at

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